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There is nothing more satisfying than
the journey between idea and accomplishment


Agatha is a solutions-focused specialised software development company, creating and customising software for our niche clients. Uniquely, we develop at our own cost, only charging our clients a license fee when they are entirely satisfied with the end-product. This results-based approach closely aligns our interests with those of our clients and results in partnerships where both parties want the best solution, as both will benefit.

We approach every project methodically, systematically and holistically, always ensuring that there is transparency and open communication with our client throughout the process. Our client relationships are true partnerships and we are proud of the fact that all our projects have been as a result of word-of-mouth recommendations – an accomplishment we believe speaks for itself.



Innovative software solutions can bring endless benefits to any organisation – from exceptional cost-savings and operational efficiencies to making people’s daily work easier and more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, traditional software development models often give our industry a bad name. Projects run late, over budget and in some cases the original requirements of the client are not met as promised.

At AGATHA, we try to change that perception on a daily basis. Every task is done to the very best of our ability with a specific end goal in mind. We will never deliver a solution that does not meet or exceed a client’s needs just for the sake of completing a project.

We see every mistake as a valuable opportunity to learn. From making ongoing technological and coding improvements to improving the way we do business, we’re always on the lookout for smart ways to do things better.


Our past and present projects include:

Introducing Benson

(In the pipeline...)

We are excited about embarking on a new partnership with one of Johannesburg’s leading boutique hotels, as they share Agatha's business philosophy of customer centricity and attention to detail. Known for their excellent service, their brief to us was to deliver a system that provides stable functionality for management and invites customer-led interaction with the hotel in a fresh, new way. Our programme is essentially a property management (or guest booking) system – one that integrates with leading third parties.

This is our biggest project since August 2005 - an exciting challenge for the team and a complete new way of looking at the hotel industry from a development perspective. So, if you use a software system in the hospitality industry like POS or an online booking system, or you own a hotel or guesthouse - let’s talk!

An Innovative Motor Dealership F&I Portal

(Alive and kicking…)

Our current client concludes 20,000 vehicle sales every month and AGATHA software plays a key role in making it all possible.

After carefully assessing their needs, our team integrated their system with all major finance companies to allow for easy finance applications, contracting and management for customers.

We also created commission-calculation functionality, streamlining the administrative process within a dealership, and simplified comprehensive compliance functionality for dealers’ peace of mind and developed an informative reporting system that allows managers to be kept up-to-date at all times.

A Convenient Insurance Administration System

(From our archives...)

For this client, we developed a holistic software system to manage the entire administration process of both monthly and single- premium insurance products (credit life and shortfall). This included debit-order collection and management functionality, tracking nearly 20,000 monthly debits.

The system also featured a claims processing and management system with the convenience of built-in checks and balances.

A Pension Fund Administration System

(From our archives...)

In this case, we developed a system that provided our client with everything they needed to run their pension fund administration operation. The system processed and managed membership data from monthly contribution allocations and reconciliations to automated benefit statements. It also enabled portfolio investment tracking and scheme allocations and reconciliations, including financial audit preparations.

Thanks to AGATHA’s specialised software, 13,000 active monthly members were successfully supported and managed.



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